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HVAC Fan Replacement

While you do call a qualified Lexington HVAC Contractor for any problems related to heating, cooling, or ventilation system, there are situations when you need to get them to come over without delay. If your HVAC system stops working during days of extreme temperatures, it could lead to a potential health hazard. Call your Lexington HVAC Contractor so that he can fix the problem at the source. This way there will be less risk to the health of your family.

Outdoor heat pumps should be checked regularly in the winters to make sure that they are in proper working condition. In some cases, excessive ice or snow build-up has been known to stop the proper working of the pump and even freeze it solid. Whenever you want, your Lexington HVAC Contractor can come over to check on it and keep it clean and in good working condition. If you have it checked regularly, you won’t need to have it replaced completely very often.

You can have your ventilation system serviced by the same Lexington HVAC Contractor who installed it. Over time, your home’s ductwork can collect bacteria, dust, and fungus. This can intensify asthma and allergies, and cause other illnesses as well. Sometimes, the ducts will blow all the dust into the house when it is being used and you’ll have to work harder to clean your house. If you get the ducts cleaned regularly by the Lexington HVAC Contractor, it will help the system run smoother, extending the lifespan of the equipment and lowering your heating or cooling bills.

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