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HVAC Installation Review

The first step for an HVAC installation is to fix the size of the system your home needs.  A competent Lexington HVAC Contractor needs to consider many things to decide what is best for you. What is the size and type of your home, walls, and windows? Does your house have insulation? If yes, what type and density does it have? What is the condition of your basement and attic? Is your home oriented towards or away from the sun? These are some of the factors considered before starting each job. A computerized system is used by the Lexington HVAC Contractor to calculate the heating and cooling needs of your rooms. This helps them make precise recommendations.

It’s likely that you may think of this as being counter-intuitive. There is a general notion that a Lexington HVAC Contractor would get you to buy the most expensive HVAC system available. However, that would be of very little help to your Lexington HVAC Contractor. While a big system will work fast, they will do a poor job of removing enough moisture from the air. Consequently, the air will leave you feeling sticky and humid, not cool and fresh. This humidity can lead to growth of mold and harmful bacteria inside your home!

If a system is too big, it will turn itself on and off more rapidly. This is also called “short-cycling” and it can affect the system adversely causing it to break down quicker, not to mention burning a hole in your pocket as far as heating and cooling bills are concerned. A system that’s too small will run constantly, trying to cool or heat a space that is larger than its capacity. This will cause it to run itself down very quickly. Therefore, there is no benefit to a Lexington HVAC Contractor in selling you the biggest system in the market. It would call for unnecessary complications or needless service calls for them. A professional Lexington HVAC Contractor cannot afford to have disgruntled or dissatisfied customers as his business depends majorly on word-of-mouth.

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