Residential HVAC Maintenance

Commercial And Residential HVAC Maintenance in Lexington, Kentucky

Before you can have a new system installed or work done on your older system, a Lexington HVAC contractor will need to do a physical inspection of the location or installed equipment. Don’t do business with any HVAC contractor that doesn’t first perform an onsite inspection of an installation job or equipment that needs repair. You might find that such a contractor is only interested in the profits and not in quality service.

The HVAC contractor will need to calculate the heat-load of your home or business by use of a checklist and determining the square footage. The HVAC contractor can then write up an estimate for a new system or parts for an existing one as well as labor charges. If you plan on having new equipment installed, most Lexington HVAC contractors will usually have more than one option when it comes to available systems. You may be able to finance your system and receive an extended warranty as well.

If you have an older system that is no longer efficient, a Lexington HVAC contractor will ask specific questions and run a number of tests to pinpoint the problem and find solutions. Some systems are simply too small for the home or business where they are installed and your Lexington HVAC contractor can help you decide on a new system or appropriate upgrade . A properly sized system will cost you less in time due to a more energy efficient operation.

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